Volkswagen / Rock in Rio special edition

CCSP Brazilian Creative Club 2016 - Silver (Promo) CCSP Brazilian Creative Club 2016 - In Book (Film) CCSP Brazilian Creative Club 2016 - In Book (Integrated) Grand Effie Brazil 2016 - Gold (Promo) To introduce their Rock in Rio special editions, we developed an integrated campaign with one unexpected detail: there’s no soundtrack in the ad. Instead of producing a soundtrack or picking a song by a famous artist, we decided to provide something that rock needs right now: more space. Media space, that is. The spot ran without a soundtrack for about two weeks, asking independent bands to submit their own songs to score the commercial. On the campaign website, up-and-coming bands could upload their songs and create their own version of the commercial. Volkswagen picked one song from among 10 finalists (the 5 most-shared songs and 5 chosen by a jury). The commercial with the chosen song ran on TV, cable, and online from May to September. Beyond just promoting the Rock in Rio line, Volkswagen gave a band the chance to promote themselves. The campaign media estimated that around 35 million people saw the final version of the commercial and, of course, heard the chosen song.