Volkswagen Golf - Wishes

CCSP Brazilian Creative Club 2016 - Gold (Film) O Melhor Comercial do Brasil 2016 / SBT Choice Awards - Winner Profissionais do Ano 2016 / Rede Globo Choice Awards - Finalist Grand Prix Film The Golf is the best-selling Volkswagen across the world and has been on many Brazilians’ list for years. An icon that renews itself and has made its way into the imaginations and hearts of all Brazilians. In the spot, we witness the moment in which a little boy sees a Golf for the first time. Open-mouthed, from then on he develops a powerful desire for the car, wishing for it when he sees a falling star and when he blows out the candles on his birthday cake. When he loses a tooth and puts it under his pillow, the boy once again focuses on the Golf as his object of desire. But this time, to his joy, when he wakes up and looks at the driveway, the car is there! Only it comes with an unexpected “extra”: the driver, who, in this case, is his mom’s new boyfriend. Seeing the car keys in the man’s hand, the boy lowers his head, turns away, and mutters: “I didn’t ask for a driver.” The narration winds up by underscoring the myth: “Golf. It’s not just a car, it’s a Golf.”