Honda Motorcycles / Test Ride App

Honda knows that the decision of buying a motorcycle has an enormous emotional component. Due to the driver's exposure, even when used for work purposes, a motorcycle is a direct expression of his/her personality. Therefore, the brand experience and values counts a lot when it comes to purchase decision. So when asked to come up with a new brochure for the 2013 model line, instead of going the traditional print path, we decided to develop a mobile app to promote the different models and their features in an engaging way - to be used as a sales tool and also as a way for potential buyers to experience the feeling of driving each bike. We developed the “Test Ride Honda” app, a tool that allowed the user to test the acceleration frequency and hear the "roar" of each model, and decide which one fits his/her both personal and professional goals. All of it in a fun and lighthearted way.